More Ancestor Discoveries To Come 😏

The Journey Begins

Sooneck Castle first known home of the Ridenour clan

Thanks for joining me! What does family really mean to me?

It means the people who accept you no matter who you are, where there’s no hatred or judgment. The love of a family should be unconditional, and everyone should try their best to provide all they can for the people in their family.  For those that don’t have that kind of family left, don’t fear there is hope  I highly recommend trying a new kind of family….the friend/family…..they are a true blessing.  

For now I am going to piece together my blood family from the beginning of time and make the story available in honor of all of those ancestors that came before me and those that come after.  Researching this bloodline explains so much..some good, some not so much. 

One thing is certain…they were very interesting!


Aunt Marcia Zimmerman Watson, Monica Lea Watson
Edna “Snooks” Betts Ridenour and Cathie Rene’ Ridenour
December 24, 1954.  at the home of Pampa and Granny Garnet Watson.